Unaffiliated: The Search for Meaning

Sneak Peak: Season One

January 30, 2021 Kathryn Elliott Season 1 Episode 0
Unaffiliated: The Search for Meaning
Sneak Peak: Season One
Show Notes

In this trailer episode for season one of the Unaffiliated podcast, host Kathryn Elliott shares about her quest to ask both non-religious and religious individuals about the search for meaning and connection.

Coming up in Season One:
Conversations with broad-minded and thoughtful guests of all backgrounds who open up their life experiences, insights, and their personal journey to make sense of this world, its people, and its mysteries.

Join us every Tuesday for conversations with guests who are pursuing empathy, inspiration, transcendence and love. Move between different social circles to learn and connect with new perspectives. Get curious and compassionate as you discover the dignity and the depth of each person who joins us on Unaffiliated.

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